At Coble Studios, our business is greatly rooted in the people and communities that we work with and serve daily. To remain current with the advancement of both the multimedia industry and ever-changing landscape of our faith, lifestyle and culture, we want to open our ears and hear what you have to say.

Through our relationships with people like you, Coble Studios can continue to achieve our mission sharing our christian faith through transforming the experience of watching television, film and video for audiences worldwide.

Welcome to the Coble Studios Ambassador Program !
Read below to learn more about the responsibility, benefits, resources and contributions of our partnership with YOU!

What do you think of our branding?
How did you like our latest TV show?
What does your network or fans say about our work?
How can we improve our relatability to viewers and customers?
How do you think we should reach out to newer audiences?
What is a Coble Ambassador?

A Coble Ambassador is the ultimate cheerleader and advocate for keeping Coble Studios in the know with all things social, community, faith-based, business, technology and entertainment. Our ambassadors are savvy, smart, fun, well-connected and full of great ideas ! Ambassadors of Coble Studios represent some of the finest professionals and rising stars in various industries, and they are collectively committed to ensuring that the growth and progress of Coble Studios mission and vision is met daily.

What Does a Coble Ambassador Do?

​Assist Coble Studios with identifying potential sponsors and investors for production, events and special campaigns
​Represents Coble Studios in their network and community by promoting products and services, and identify opportunities for potential consumers, clients, networks, and audiences
​Actively participates in official Coble Studios ambassador meetings at least once per quarter and for special projects
​Provides important feedback and contribution towards our goal of impacting the media by participating in surveys, reviewing film trailers and TV pilots, attending pitch meetings, and scouting notable talent for Coble Studios
What Are The Benefits?
01 Referral compensation for Coble Studios products, services & campaigns
02 Complimentary Coble Studios goodies, clothing & gifts
03 Exclusive opportunities to participate in the decision making for new products, services, events and partnerships
04 Complimentary access to Coble Studios and affiliate events
05 Production Assistant opportunities for Television, Film or Video
06 Earn Coble Coins ​towards special rewards & prizes
07 Access to our Coble Ambassadors Network​ (with official authorization)
08 Exclusive discounts from Coble Studios and affiliates
09 Quarterly ​Coble Ambassador Newsletter​ with behind-the-scenes news, studio updates, and special announcements
10 Opportunity to be inducted into Coble Studios “Hall of Fame”
11 One complimentary service from Coble Studios (Annually)
Become an Ambassador for Coble Studios today!