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Coble Studios is a global digital media production company located in the Greater Houston area (near Katy). We focus on developing and distributing influential digital content for Television, Film, Digital and Social Media. Our multipurpose facility serves as a creative and professional space for artist, producers, professionals, and major networks.
01 God said "... As I was heading home, I reached a stop sign and I heard God speak "You will start a TV Station", I exclaimed, "How shall this be?" . I felt the anger of the Lord instantly. The dialogue that ensued from there was a fatherly stern chastising. God reminding me that this has nothing to do with me and that He will provide the required resources. This is the beginning of the adventurous journey of Coble Studios.
02 The First Indie film - 2011 Adeseye Omole served as production manager on his first indie film, Dirty Pastor. The 75 minutes feature film was shot in barely 3 days with a very low budget.
03 Purchase first professional camera - March 2012 In my attempt to show commitment to the Lord after so much of delay and excuses, I decided to purchase a Panasonic AG-AF-100 ($4,700.00). I used the camera at Church at the Cross for video recording sermons and events.
04 First Talk Show - 2013 God is WOW officially launched.
05 First Studio location - 2015 First Studio location was located in a warehouse which was converted into offices and studio space.
06 First Theatre event - June 2016 One night screening of the movie - JUST LET GO at palladium theatre. It also featured amazing talents such as Quincy QStone Whetstone, Robert Franks Sr., and Frankie Montana, Baritone Will Empoweru, Reginald Blanks, Candace Blanks (Da'Key 2 Prosperitee-tee), April Thomas and Tybris Speaks.
07 Coble TV Launch - Fall 2017 Coble TV is the official digital media and television distribution platform which will launch in fall 2017.
08 Coble Ambassador Program - Fall 2017 coming soon
09 and many more to come! This is just a foretaste of whats to come. We are so grateful to all our investors, patrons and supporters that believe in our humble beginnings and assisted us to pursue our dream of turning visions to television.

Adeseye Omole

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We are a growing team of young millennial-age creators and executives tasked with developing content for TV and Video Platforms.
Great place for mini performances! Cozy and nice! It's also great for studio recordings and live events. And the staff are wonderful and helpful!
Temitope Verse Johnson WITS

The best film studio

The studio is very beautifully furnished with the most quality staff and management. Stop by if you're looking for the best production studio to shoot your next project.
Boma Briggs
I love the studio and staff is very accommodating.
Chilonda Chilo Entertainment
Getting ready to continue the Season II of my Late Night Show and the team is amazing!!!
Eden Njoku Chichi Movies
Coble Studios has a great production platform that brings a community of great people and professionals together, with one idea in mind and many great visions. Coble Studios is a community meant for dreamers and visionaries. Coble City Community Professionals. I Love being a Dreamer and being apart of the vision for the Coble Studios.
Quinline Olukoya Asmara Dior & Co, LLC
Awesome place for an excellent TV show, video recording, and events. Outstanding staff with innovative and creative ideas. Coble studios is doing great things!
Pastor Show
Great job team. Worked with CS on several projects. Very creative and passionate about their clients and work. God fearing trustworthy and awesome. I look forward to collaborating on future projects.
Ethel Davis Ebony Eyes