Studio rental for meetings, production & workspace

Coble Studios multimedia facility is designed and equipped to meet your diverse spatial needs. The studio is open and flexible to cater to different functions such as photography, video production, seminars, workspace, training rooms, meetups and many more.

We call it the canvas a space for generating your next big idea or small event. Its a flexible space that can fit about 15 to 20 people depending on the room arrangement. Use space for conference, seminars, training, seminars, lounge and for other small functions. It is equipped with a 70 inch TV that can be used for presentation or for movie screening.
The Studio – Genesis features a 16ft high ceilings, exposed metal beams, vinyl wood flooring, drapes and variety of fixtures to fit different needs. The space is flexible to format layout and equip for your next photo shoot, business party, talk show, fashion show and other functions. Genesis can seat up to 50 people. In-house catering also available